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FENZ FA Series

Product Specification & Installation Details

FENZ FA Series

FENZ 25 Series (4 mm x 25 mm x 75 mm)

Technical Specifications

Wire Diameter

5 mm

Vertical Wire Spacing

150 mm

Horizontal Wire Spacing

50 mm

Standard Height / Length

900 mm x 2400 mm

1200 mm x 2400 mm

1500 mm x 2400 mm

1800 mm x 2400 mm

2100 mm x 2400 mm

2400 mm x 2400 mm

2700 mm x 2400 mm

3000 mm x 2400 mm

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FENZ, the name in quality wire mesh fencing, is manufactured by FENZ Industrial Sdn Bhd. The company specialises in the production of high-quality wire mesh fencing that is used as a barrier and security within selected perimeters.